Get The Fork Out

Get The Fork Out is a food blog written, photographed & baked by Melissa Romito; urban wannabe, lover of wine, with a passion for all things cuisine!  She currently resides outside Detroit, Michigan and can be found whipping something up in her tiny kitchen with her nose stuck in a book!

Pâte à Choux (Éclair) Donuts

Pâte à Choux (Éclair) Donuts w/ a cake spice glaze Don’t be scared or fooled by the name, pâté à choux (pronounced pat-ah-choo), since it is basically nothing more than a fancy French name for the dough base used to create éclairs, crème puffs and French crullers...

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Mini Chocolate Éclairs

Mini Chocolate Éclairs w/ vanilla cream filling When it comes to desserts, usually homemade ones are the best ones for family members and guests to dig into after a hearty meal. The idea of an éclair may seem old-fashioned and out dated, almost something your grandma...

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Wild & Crazy Sandwiches

Wild & Crazy Sandwiches w/ bomb ass ingredients that will make your head spin Behold three of the boldest, craziest, yet tastiest of sandwiches coming out of the GTFO Kitchen that will turn anyone’s lunch frown upside down.  Say good bye to boring white bread and...

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Good Ole Old Fashioned Apple Pie

Good Ole Old Fashioned Apple Pie made with a sugared crust & granny smith apples I have great memories when it comes to apple pie.  It was the first thing I ever attempted to bake in my mother’s kitchen when I was 8 years old and something I have come to perfect now...

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Roasted Veggie Power Bowls

Roasted Veggie Power Bowls w/ grilled chicken & a garlic lemon vinaigrette Power bowls are these magical food concoctions that consist of a balanced combination of veggies, protein, and whole grains.  Now, I am not totally sure that my version consists of the exact...

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Ceci Pasta with Spicy Carrot Cream Sauce

Ceci Pasta with Spicy Carrot Cream Sauce Here in the GTFO Kitchen this Italian Girl loves her pasta, especially when it’s homemade pasta.  Any excuse we have to eat pasta we will.  It is a serious guilty pleasure of ours that we thoroughly enjoy no matter what kind it...

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Mac’n’Cheese Burger

Mac’n’Cheese Burger w/ caramelized onions & leafy greens Everyone has a guilty pleasure and one of mine happens to be hamburgers.  Hamburgers are one of the quintessential American comfort foods out there and when they are made right, they can be quite special.  This...

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