Bacon & Egg Breakfast Sandwich

with strawberry jam

Oh the incredible, edible egg! I love eggs and try to eat them majority of the time for breakfast, but eating them the same way every morning can get a little redundant causing them to become less than appetizing. So instead of a boring fried egg plated next to bacon, and toast why not spice it up and add a little pizzazz by making breakfast sandwich instead. Everyone has had some form of a breakfast sandwich considering McDonald’s has probably one of the most popular ones amongst fast food enthusiasts.   However, with a romantic holiday occurring in less than three days, I highly doubt your significant other wants a greasy pre-made sandwich given to them as their Valentine’s Day Breakfast. Kind of takes away the whole romantic gesture of “breakfast in bed.”

With that said, this is the perfect breakfast sandwich to serve to your guy or gal that will leave their tummies happy. Let’s be honest, who can say no to a breakfast sandwich with eggs, bacon and sweet jam? I know I can’t!


Ingredients: Yields 1 sandwich

  • 1 Large Egg, basted
  • 2 Slices of good quality crusty bread, toasted & buttered
  • 1 Tbsp. of Strawberry Jam
  • 3 Bacon slices
  • 1 Slice of Cheddar Cheese (Optional)
  • 1 Tbsp. Olive Oil
  • Salt/Pepper to taste



  1.  Heat a pan over medium heat and cook bacon until desired crispness.
  2.  While bacon is cooking heat another sauté pan with a little olive oil over medium heat and crack the egg into it. Wait until the white part of the egg begins to cook through (stops being translucent) and add about a 1/3-cup of water to pan, cover, and cook. Baste or steam the egg until a white film forms over the yolk (I like my eggs a little runny so I usually cook them for about 5-8 minutes). Season with salt and pepper.
  3.  While egg and bacon are cooking, toast bread slices. Smear with some butter once toasted. Slather jam on either slices or just one, whatever your preference may be.

 Layer Sandwich In This Order:

  • Piece of buttered toast
  • Slice of cheese
  • Strips of bacon
  • Basted egg
  • Remaining piece of toast smeared with jam.

Serve warm!

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